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Touring through the gardens by the Bay was absolutely fabulous by using the escooter. It is amazing how seeing sights from a different vantage point just changes your perspective. Walking is tiring but using an escooter is so fun!

A great way to get familiar with singapore sights like the Merlion and see most of the must do sights one Two hours. Must do . Highly informative.


Completely wonderful! Easy ride. Finally got to see the Merlion. Our guide was fantastic! It was our first day in Singapore and we started our trip with this tour and it was the perfect overview of singapore.

Judy Lee

This bike tour was fantastic. Our guide was there to look after our safety and she always offered to take family photos of anyone! Definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get a brief idea. You should consider doing it at the beginning of your holiday so you know where to spend your time.

Mundschutz Flugzeug

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