Working smarter, not harder, as an entrepreneur

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However, getting up early gives you a head start on your day that can’t be matched. This is the year that I will use my brakes much more often and with a smiling discipline. Due to that braking system, breathing, singing, and creative thinking will set off. Using all senses, discovering more and mindblowing heartgrowing connective conversations life helps me and other towards #sdg123. Some might argue that these are simply mistakes we make in the course of our careers, and mistakes can help us learn and be better leaders.

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Strive for a balance between project completion and efficient use of your time. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it does have to be done. By changing your focus from perfection to progress, you’ll find that things are getting done faster and that clients or customers are just as satisfied with the outcome. Working “smarter” is really about learning how to work at your maximum level of efficiency. It’s about getting the most out of your time spent devoted to a project. Working smarter is about wasting as little time as possible on unnecessary distractions and interruptions.

I work hard, but how could I work smarter?

Learning how to say “no” or even “not right now” will help you prioritize your energy and focus. If you have a tight deadline, you must put your work before supporting others. This isn’t to say you should never help your coworkers, but recognize when your work takes priority. Reflect on what aspects of your work empower you and make conscious choices to pursue them.

Since it comes easy they don’t develop the work habits necessary to get keep getting better. As a result, naturally talented people are often passed by people who choose talent. Working smarter is all about identifying what delivers best for you and then doing the optimum needed.

A CA in the making who believed in hard and smart work – The Hindu

A CA in the making who believed in hard and smart work.

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Email can be the ultimate efficiency tool to work smarter. Let your account manager, franchise manager or business coach help you do this. It’s hard not to get sucked into paranoia or a ‘down’ moment. But we are here to help you back out of it… it’s a waste of your time after all. We check email, scroll social media, send a text or make a call.

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Maximising the productivity of the time you put in. Here are ten simple tips every entrepreneur can follow to make the best use of their time and grow their business. If you do have some money that you can invest into hiring an assistant or a specialist to handle things that need to get done (the things you can’t handle yourself) then you should do it. Knowing when to outsource is a key component of working smarter. Life planning is a process of creating a general guide of your life’s purpose, what you hope to accomplish, and how to work toward those goals. Factoring in your personality traits when setting up your workstation can create a stable and supportive foundation for your workday.

  • Strong work relationships have the potential to serve you even better than proving that you are the hardest worker in the office.
  • Understand that you’ll work more efficiently when you focus on one task at a time, even if it feels like you’ll accomplish more.
  • Each time you’re distracted during the 25 minutes, put a tick on a piece of paper.

Take scheduled breaks and always come back from them on time. Don’t get caught up in a movie over your lunch break. Don’t decide on a whim that the weather is too nice to be at work. Be as serious about working for yourself as you would be about working for someone else.

How to Work Efficiently and Effectively to Be Productive

I would venture to guess that if you sat alone for half an hour, you’d come up with just as many. Writing them down not only frees up your mind from keeping track of them but also gives you a visual representation of just how many things you want to do. When you get enough sleep you get a tailwind you can use on the other 64 blocks. When you don’t get enough sleep, you face a headwind for the other 64 blocks.

Finding noncustomers and converting them into customers will increase the size of your business and gain you accolades. ” blog to learn more about the concept of noncustomers. Blue ocean strategists don’t focus on benchmarking or imitating competitors. Instead, they focus on how to make the competition irrelevant. They focus on creating an offer so compelling that anyone who sees it or tries it can’t help but rave about it. Stop focusing on competition and start looking at what the mass of buyers actually values.

Sometimes, pushing harder to make things work is not the answer. Hard work has been romanticized to such a degree in our society that we forget to think about how we can get more done with less effort. Here are six tips to help leaders boost employee engagement and create great experiences for their customers.

Staying Resilient: How to Boost Employee Engagement in an Industry Downturn – G2

Staying Resilient: How to Boost Employee Engagement in an Industry Downturn.

Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 15:44:28 GMT [source]

Not to mention that it make you feel personally more accomplished. But it’s not just a question of how to work smarter not harder. What you need to learn is how to think like a blue ocean strategist in your career. So you want to work smarter not harder – who doesn’t?

If you’re not spending time at work consciously building stronger relationships, your increased efficiency won’t translate to your being seen as a high performer. While you might think that working more hours will make you more productive, it actually makes you feel tired, less attentive and less energised. What makes blue ocean tools and frameworks so powerful is that they are visual, which renders them easy to understand and apply, no matter what your level of education or creativity. So how you can work smarter not harder and make yourself stand out from the crowd? The next step is to figure out the new ‘value spaces’ you can move into and add value in a way your colleagues are not. Most of us strive to accomplish more in less time, whether in work or in life.

It’s about promoting the best in your team members and helping them recognize and hone their strengths in order to effectively drive projects to completion and improve staff morale. In-person social interaction breeds stronger relationships, better collaboration and faster innovation. But you won’t get far in your career just by trying to work longer hours than your colleagues. The key to success is to work smarter, not harder. Blue ocean strategy offers a set of analytical tools and frameworks to shift you from red oceans of competition to blue oceans of new market space.

However, don’t allow this to become a habit, and make sure you are not stretching the definition of “urgent” to peek more often than necessary. In keeping with our desire to deliver what you want, we’ve come up with a list of the top 11 things you can do to work smarter. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +768K followers. If you’re already seeing sales come in from Instagram, great!


Your team is your team because they’ve been hand-picked for their intelligence, skill sets, experience, and drive. So why insult them by telling them to work smarter, not harder? In actuality, this phrase has nothing to do with working intelligently but rather working efficiently.

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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 804,605 times. Watch for mid-stream changes to the job, causing you to go out of pocket much more than you originally planned. A big change should make you stop everything while you re-think – and re-bid. This does NOT mean taking the easiest method for the sake of it or being lazy.

Check out Blue Ocean Strategy or Blue Ocean Shift books and create a quantum leap in your business and life. Approach your work strategically and you’ll reap rewards sooner than you think. By applying the right tools and mindset to your problem you can achieve more while reducing your costs.

Here’s one method to help you choose what to focus on and how to use your time. Productivity might be important to you for one of the reasons below. No matter the reason if you have made a decision that things must change, read more about how we can help you make it happen. As an initial indication we would expect you to benefit from “an extra 15% workforce capacity” i.e. the equivalent of 3 extra people for every 20 you employ. Because on average this has been the improvement we have delivered for our clients. WoBo Objectives Adapt, align and focus teams on OKRs.

Yet research shows that contrary to what so many of us have been taught, the errors we make need to be close to the right answer in order to be educational. This is what helps us to debits and credits and improve our memory to retain the correct information — and then ultimately do things differently. You don’t always have to make your own mistakes to learn smarter ways of doing things. Study hard in all things to become a master at them. Push yourself hard for the first 50 minutes of every hour and then reward yourself with a 10 minute break.