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Payroll Accounting Clerk Certificate

SPC is an affordable college with flexible schedules and career-focused degree and certificate programs. We have the resources you need for financial aid, scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. This course prepares students to become effective leaders who drive organizational change. While the assumption is made that everybody can be a leader, people often miss the opportunity because they are not ready. Students examine their existing capabilities and develop a plan for building on these in preparation to lead the 21st century organization. Additional focus is made on nurturing the development of followers and recognizing situations that either impede or facilitate effective leadership. This course studies the total management efforts needed to operate retail and online/mobile commerce point effectively.

Payroll Accounting Clerk Certificate

Topics included are Safety, Ethics, Respect, Teamwork, Communication, Telephone and Email Techniques, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Relationships, and Sales and Marketing. Achieving CAPP status signifies that you have proven to possess the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in today’s intricate AP environment. Certification is your way of demonstrating your superior knowledge of core topics as well as your commitment to upholding the standards of the profession. OC enriches our diverse communities through quality education and student support. With three campuses spanning Kitsap and Mason counties, OC provides the options to serve these areas and every point in between.

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Can prepare students for an entry-level career as a payroll clerk in a variety of industries. With flexible, online courses, you’ll learn how to become a payroll clerk and build essential industry skills on your schedule, from home. Accounting clerks are most often promoted to an accounts payable clerk position.

Start a new career today: Accounting and Finance Certificate Program begins in August – Terrace Standard

Start a new career today: Accounting and Finance Certificate Program begins in August.

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It will test your knowledge of worker classifications, labor standards, and employment tax regulations. To earn the CPP credential you’ll need either three years of work experience or two years of work experience and proof that you completed APA-approved courses. Another route to CPP certification would be to obtain FPC certification, clock 18 months of work experience, and complete CPP courses. The CPP exam will test your knowledge in six relevant areas, including core payroll concepts, legal compliance, paycheck calculation, and processing systems. The Certified Management Accountant certification is most common among accounting clerks.

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The importance of customer service as it influences profitability is examined. Whether you are a student seeking your degree or certificate or taking courses for fun or professional development through Workforce & Community Programs, or you need a place to work out or find a good book. This course introduces computer concepts including fundamental functions and operations of the computer. Topics include identification of hardware components, basic computer operations, security issues, and Payroll Accounting Clerk Certificate use of software applications. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the role and function of computers and use the computer to solve problems. Payroll clerks are hired by companies to ensure that employees are compensated for their work accurately and efficiently. In addition to keeping accurate records of current employees’ job activities and pay, you may also have to add all relevant data for new employees and remove data for former employees.

Payroll Accounting Clerk Certificate

It addresses the manager’s strategy of operation as well as the requirements of daily operation, and does so from the standpoint of the specific decisions a manager must make to achieve success. The retail management course addresses buying, marketing, merchandising, operations, inventory control, personnel and finance.

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Students desiring more advanced skills may wish to pursue the Bookkeeping Certificate of Achievement. Completion of the Account Clerk Skills Certificate fulfills a portion of the Bookkeeper Certificate of Achievement program. With additional training, individuals can progress to bookkeeper, accountant, and CPA . You’ll also have the skills you need to seek an entry-level accounting or payroll job. Among other possible job titles, you can work as a Bookkeeper, Accounting Assistant, or Payroll Assistant.

  • OC enriches our diverse communities through quality education and student support.
  • The importance of customer service as it influences profitability is examined.
  • New accounts clerks interview people wishing to open a new account with financial institutions to explain the specifics of the arrangement and assist with paperwork.
  • Certification is a great way to validate your skills and enhance your resume to help you stand out to hiring managers on your path to a promotion or new career.
  • Track and audit petty cash, assist with employee expense reports, perform filing and general administrative tasks.
  • Payroll clerks are hired by companies to ensure that employees are compensated for their work accurately and efficiently.
  • Training includes computer fundamentals, beginning and intermediate Excel spreadsheet training, accounting functions and fundamentals and training in QuickBooks, and essential accounting software application.

This program is designed to provide training for entry-level accounting and/or payroll specialist positions. The successful completion of this program will give graduates exposure to basic accounting principles, modern accounting software like Quickbooks, and other essential knowledge and skills. The Accounting Clerk Basic Certificate will prepare individuals to provide high-tech administrative support to professional accountants, financial managers, and business owners. Common duties performed include payroll tax reporting, payroll accounting systems maintenance, and posting payroll transactions to journals/ledgers.

International Accredited Business Accountant (IABA)

Meets with a live instructor and classmates on specific days, at specific times. Students must successfully complete all courses within a two-year period.

The course design examines how businesses effectively compete in the world market by learning what individual firms have done to succeed through a comparison of their business strategies, structures and operations. Special emphasis is made on how sociocultural forces both help and hinder a company’s ability to conduct its business activities. This course is not equivalent to BA203 offered from fall 1986 through spring 1999. This course is designed for students to be introduced to important elements and steps involved in starting a small business. Students evaluate and quantify risk versus reward analysis, as well as appropriately test and protect business ideas. Students practice how to formulate a cash flow projection and determine cash needs.

The Payroll Accounting certificate program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and growth in the accounting profession. You’ll learn the language of business, as well as how to assemble, analyze, process, and communicate essential information about financial operations.

  • Consult with the program contact person or the department chair to determine your eligibility to complete the program under previous requirements.
  • This course describes how information systems can be applied to business processes by supporting communications, improving decision making and increasing organizational performance.
  • Certificate programs can be taken alone but are often taken along with other Accounting and Finance programs.
  • Colleges and universities might allow you to transfer some or all of the credits you earned in a certificate program to an accredited bachelor’s degree program.
  • Common job titles include Payroll Clerk, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Professional.
  • A short-term certificate program that demonstrates specific knowledge and applied skill sets in payroll accounting.

Discover academic experiences that will give you real-world experience and connect you to the ACC community and the world. For a more complete list, check out our financial aid website or the catalog’s student services section. Learn about education requirements, job duties, average wages, and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you. They should be detail-oriented, analytical, and organized in order to complete their daily tasks accurately and efficiently. Training programscan be completed in a matter of weeks or months, are focused on career training, and provide credentials and certificates needed in the specific fields of study.

What are Some of the Most In-Demand Certifications For Accounting Clerks?

Upon graduation, you will be eligible to sit for the National Bookkeepers Association’s Payroll certification exam. Designed to provide training for an entry-level accounting and/or payroll specialist position. A payroll clerk fills the need for timely and accurate payroll cost information. This certificate is a series of courses that provide entry-level skills in payroll accounting. This includes the recording function all the way through to the disbursement of the checks.

  • Students who want a career that provides opportunities for growth will find Accounting Clerk certificate a great option.
  • How to understand the payroll outsourcing process and the pros and cons of outsourcing payroll.
  • Faster learners, or those with more time to dedicate to their coursework, can finish in as little as 1 month.
  • It requires skill in the operation of 10-key calculators, computers, and other office equipment.

Successful accounting training is done through a hands-on approach which integrates principles with other business software applications such as spreadsheets, databases, and word processing. Degree and functions as an entry-level credential when entering the workforce. College credits granted with this certificate apply toward a related A.S. Students may stack credentials to advance toward a higher degree level. The College Credit Certificate in Accounting Clerk will prepare students to compute, classify and record numerical data to keep financial records complete. Students will be prepared to check the accuracy of figures, calculations and postings pertaining to business transactions recorded by other workers. This course is designed to enable students to interpret and analyze real world financial reports of various manufacturing, retailing and service firms from the perspective of investors, creditors and prospective employees.