Things to eat in Singapore

The Singaporean cuisine has a long and interesting history. People from different cultures such as Europeans, Chinese, Americans, and Indonesians came to Singapore when the British Imperialist colonized Singapore in 1819. However, the Chinese brought not only their goods but also their food.

One of the most popular Singaporean recipes that were brought from the Chinese people is the Hainanese chicken rice. The Chinese men marrying the Malaysian women brought about Nonya cuisine, which is the combination of their foods. Ayam Buah keluak, which is the combination of black nuts, chicken, and pork, and the dish came from the people of both Indonesia and Peranakan. Another type of Singaporean cuisine influenced by the Indians is the Katong laksa, which is a soup prepared with laksa leaves, beans, noodles, and other ingredients. Cuisines brought by other cultures include foods made from prawns, pork, and squid, pan-fried noodles, yellow noodles made from wheat, and so many more.

Singapore Laksa

Picture – Singapore Laksa

The Indians brought some vegetables, seafood, and seedpods with them influence the Singaporean dishes. Curry puffs which are pies made with meats, spices, and potatoes also came from the Indians. They also brought with them their favorite hot and spicy foods such as the devil’s curry and chili crab recipes.

The fish head curry is a new dish that became part of the Singaporean cuisine. The influx of so many different countries has influenced most of the Singaporean dishes. Most of the foods eaten by most Singaporeans come from other countries, such as some vegetable types, but many foods like the leaf vegetable types and varieties of frits types. However, Singaporeans get most of the foods such as the Lobsters, oysters, squid, and crabs from the sea, which are then incorporated into variety of dishes. Some of the fruits grown in Singapore include mangosteen, pineapple, and jackfruits which are used to prepare salads, sweet foods, sour foods, and even desserts.

There are hawker’s centers in Singapore where people enjoy variety of dishes from different food vendors.  One of the most popular dishes sold by hawkers is chicken rice, which is one of the cuisines considered to be a national dish. Another popular Singaporean cuisine is char kway teow. The dish is made from lard and noodles and is covered in cockles, bean sprouts, soy sauce, and other ingredients required in preparing this delicious dish. Another amazing cuisine in Singapore which originated from China is Wonton. It is an amazing and delicious Singaporean treat of dumplings and noodles made into a soup.

Wanton Noodles

Picture – Lady enjoying wanton noodles